Good Governance Practices in the Local Government of Libacao, Aklan

Admin Monday, April 01, 2013

Good governance is an important factor in achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. Local government units (LGUs) all over the country are faced with a continuously growing population and the associated social needs. Resources available to LGUs are however not growing at a similar pace. In this context, efficient management of limited resources, popular participation and the development of productive partnerships between the local government, civil society, grassroots communities, as well as the private sector, are essential tools to progress.

A good number of development NGOs are recognizing and documenting these exemplary local governance practices with the hope of being replicated in different LGUs where they are applicable.

If you are a resident or have been to Libacao, Aklan and have experienced how things are being done in the municipality, are you aware of any initiatives that the local government are doing that promotes innovative and excellent local governance programs to successfully address urgent management, social and economic problems?

On the other hand, In what area do you think that the local government of Libacao, Aklan should improve?

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