The Candidates For Mayor In Carigara, Leyte

Admin Friday, December 14, 2012

Who filed for their certificate of candidacy for Mayor in Carigara, Leyte? 

The national midterm legislative and local elections will be held on May 13, 2013. The duly elected legislators of the 2013 elections will join the elected senators of the 2010 elections and will comprise the 16th Congress of the Philippines.

Choosing the right candidate is not an easy decision for some people especially those that really care about who's going to lead the people.  For others, all those who run for public positions are the same.  Whoever they choose will not really matter.

In whichever case and for whatever reason, we still have our list of preferred people especially at the local level whom we think will best lead us. 

Now, if you are a resident of CARIGARA, LEYTE, who do you think are the top 3 contenders who run for Mayor this coming May 2013 elections?

Of the top 3 contenders, who do you think is best to lead your municipality? For some reasons we know or don't know, who do you think will eventually win?

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